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New Business Packages

Our best startup-focused services to get your new business established on a solid foundation; Some of the services included are website development, logo design, social media marketing, payroll, HR On-Demand, applicant tracking, and employee onboarding


or $325-$850
per month

Payroll, Timekeeping, HR, and Compliance Services

Payroll and human resources services, including employee harassment prevention training and smart handbook services, to ensure your business stays compliant; Select pricing:

  • Payroll: $40 plus $6 per employee, per month (PEPM)
  • Timekeeping and Scheduling: $3.50 PEPM
  • HR Support/HR On-Demand: $50-$200+ per month
  • Harassment Prevention Compliance Courses: $3 PEPM

per month

Applicant Tracking, Onboarding, and Background Checks

Services to help you hire the right candidate(s) for your open position(s), including an applicant tracking system (ATS), employee onboarding, one-way video interviews, skills/personality assessments, employment/education verifications, background checks, and drug screenings; Select pricing:

  • HR Hub (timekeeping, applicant tracking, etc.): $5 PEPM
  • Pre-hire Assessments: $20 per assessment
  • Employment Verification: $17.50 per candidate

per month

Other Employee Services

Employer tax credit processing and full-cycle recruitment

  • Full-cycle Recruiting (we will source, interview, pre-screen, and background check): 10% of projected annual salary
  • Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) and Federal Empowerment Zone (FEZ) wage credit processing: 20% of tax credit


Social Media Management

Social media posts to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, TikTok, YouTube, and/or Google Business Profile 10 to 30 times per month; Profile optimization; custom SEO blogs; custom video creation (for Reels or TikTok); and reputation management; Select pricing:

  • 15 Social Media Posts per month: $450 per month
  • 1000-word SEO Blog Posts: $250 per month
  • Reputation Management (online reviews): $50 per month
  • Four Custom Videos per month: $250 per month

per month

Website Development

Websites from home page only to twenty plus pages; Web hosting and maintenance plans; Select pricing:

  • 5-page “Smart” Website (messaging on website will automatically change based on the time of day or year, visitor’s location, etc.): $750 design only, $1000 design and content
  • 10-page WordPress Website: $2500


Website Add-On Services

ADA accessibility compliance, custom website work, hacked site repair, website speed optimization, website update, visual visitor (see who’s visiting your website); Select pricing:

  • Hacked Site Repair: $400
  • Website Speed Optimization: $800


    Web-Based Advertising

    Search engine optimization (SEO), display advertising, Google ads, Facebook ads, and Geofencing ads; Select pricing:

    • SEO (10 keywords): $500 per month
    • Display ads (50,000 impressions): $600 per month
    • Google ads: 25% of monthly media spend
    • Facebook ads ($300-$999 monthly media spend): $300 per month

      per month


      Business-to-business leads with buyer intent (knowing which businesses are searching for the products or services you offer), email marketing done on your behalf; Select pricing:

      • B2B Leads with Intent: $50 per 50 leads
      • Email Marketing (two emails per month): $250 per month

      per month

      Branding and Design Services

      Custom logo, business card design, bifold or trifold brochure design, corporate folder design, product label design, letterhead/stationery design, marketing flyer design, mascot design, product packaging design (box or pouch), PowerPoint template; Select pricing:

      • Custom Logo Design: $300
      • Mascot Design: $500


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